This highly flexible voice processing platform is built upon the revolutionary Sound4 “HQ192” processing engine.


  • Advanced de-esser, 3-band noise gate, 3-band processor, 4-band parametric EQ and final brick wall limiter
  • Use as a standalone voice processor for up to 8 mics or network multiple units via Livewire
  • Dominate-It feature allows host mic to override all others
  • Recording-grade preamps include phantom power and pre-channel controls for phase, pad and gain
  • 6-band Parametric EQ for creation of a signature sound
  • Session Recall to save all Mic’s affectations + loaded users presets, and then recall all in one click
  • “Preset Centralization” system automatically to share presets between all Omnia.S4 Voice cards on the network
  • AES67 compliant with AES, balanced analog and Livewire I/O