Touchscreen audio multiplay is designed to play easily a set of audios.

Available as a 32-bit Windows application, the display can also be done on an HTML interface compatible with Mac/PC/Linux, iOS, Android. The sound content library is displayed according to your needs, in a multitude of profiles and pages dedicated to your themes (Morning, live show, games, traffic information, etc.). The composition is fully customizable, with a wide range of icons and colors.

The ip-key can be connected to a studio or a set of studios. The multi-screen functionality provides fuctional sharing for the entire team of a typical program (director, host, switchboard operator, etc.).



ip-studio's new software suite is the result of many years of research and developement, designed to manage listener calls and business contributions.

Featuring new centralized functionalities for complete management of listeners and telephone inserts. The solution is suitable for large groups (TV/Radio) as well as small and medium-sized companies. ip-screener offers a multitude of features, fully customizable and adapted to your studios or workflows.



The touch-screen control and virtualization interface is fully configurable via a web page.

The ip-tablet principle is based on its fully customizable configuration, with a multitude of components available to control a wide range of resources, including hardware, broadcast console, telephone inserts and audio processing. It can also control additional resources via using http requests. Web pages can be displayed using dedicated components, as well as videos.



Commercial management tool.

Multimedia advertising sales management, including workflow management, invoicing, statistics and distribution. API (Web service) data sharing, personalized reports and printouts, advertising spot management (creation, listening) and customer consumption tracking.


Automation (broadcat suite)

A broadcasting system whose role is to play the elements of a typical conductor (advertising, music, chronicle, sound design, filling, etc.).

It interprets the element entrusted to it for broadcast, and can be used in conjunction with a studio automation system. It can be embedded on a broadcast site, integrated into an armored box and fully controlled by a vigilance system to broadcast advertising screens.



Pressplay is regulary imagined as the tool that accompanies music experience creators, whose need is to achieve the perfect sound design result. Also available in remote access, Pressplay is an easy solution that promotes creativity and productivity, via controlled algorithms for professional result.


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